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Beat The Market An Interactive Microeconomics Game   H.S. PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS
Beat The Market Online A Microeconomics Simulation
Integrating our Game into your High School Principles of Economics

Our games make economics fun for your students because it's not just about learning formulas. Students are put into a "real" competitive business environment where they work in "teams" and learn from experience, using critical thinking skills so vital to their success after high school.

Students can start by playing some simple games individually to gain experience and then can be divided into teams where they complete directly against each other. This creates a lot of excitement and boosts their interest in learning how to apply economics to "Beat the Market".

Links below contain example course outlines on how the game is integrated:

    OPTION 1 – Utilize as a capstone event

    You can select games of different levels and market structures from simplest with just 2 decisions (price & production), to as many as 4 decisions (price, production, advertising & plant size. You can also adjust the external environment to make it less or more challenging.

    OPTION 2– Utilize a combination of simulation games and exercises

    For simulation games students make decisions to maximize profits whereas for simulation exercises students observe what is happening in pre-set games and answer a series of multiple choice questions or problems to learn a specific topic such as demand, market equilibrium, price elasticity, production, costs and more. Both are automatically graded.